Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay

Offered Services:
This is W L J M and Balud Disco Mobile Site that offers something real when it comes to audio and video mastering, This is located at Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay Owned and manage by Mr. Joseph B. Hinggo as DJ JOMEL of Sibugay Mix and Mr. Ramonito Ballon of Balud Disco Mobile as DJ RACKY of Sibugay Mix.

This site offers different unique services fitted to your choice, well updated and trusted to everyone.

Where about to begin this site for all the music lovers, dj's, hip hop fans.......

Let's Get Started With all the best of the best fantastic mix with dj jomel, dj racky, dj marlon, dj pinoystyle remix, dj sum-od, dj butoy ft. all the dj's of Mindanao Mix Club: Dj Airnone, Dj Rowel, just subscibe now at youtube.com just search Dj Jomel
> Electronics Repair, audio amplifiers,car stereo, cd-dvd player,etc.
> Cd/dvd burning,
> Download songs and videos to your phones ,pc, laptops, mp4,mp5 in any format.
> Install games, Operating Software, Programs, to laptops and dekstop computer.
> upgrade and built amplifiers, set up sound system,
> Sound System For rent in any Occassions with dj jomel and dj racky
> Edit, Mix Songs, Record Adds for Business and audio composition.
> Accept cleaning of all your appliances at affordable price.
> Set up Power Supply at Home for Brownout and many more.

                Please contact; Dj Jomel at 09065802711 or 09394364136 Dj Racky at 09076126188


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stream my live music mix at dj jomel.hayag.com